SideKick: Find What Kickstarter Is Hiding

Photo By: Manoj Kengudelu

Photo By: Manoj Kengudelu

Kickstarter does a good job of showing you only what it wants you to see. As an initial backer, I never really thought much about this. They have their Staff Picks, the Popular This Week and the Recently Funded sections. As I became more interested in the site, I wanted to find more projects. This is where I got the feeling like I’m peaking behind a locked door. It’s like Kickstarter is the well-to-do manor on the hill that keeps the downstairs off limits to guests. There are certain places Kickstarter doesn’t want you to stumble upon.

Limited categories and no filtering make for a clean looking site, but also a more frustrating experience for me. This lack of openness worried me as I began looking at doing my own campaign.  “What if I wasn’t one of the lucky few to get touched by the staff of automatic funding?” Would I just get lost in one of those dark rooms under Kickstarter manner?

Perhaps, but that’s a post for another time. 


SidekicklogoSideKick is a new website that claims to be able to predict the success of a project by 76% within the first four hours of launch. This in and of itself is an impressive claim. Specifically I’ll be watching the Obduction kickstarter closely to see if it reaches its 1.1 million goal. Currently, SideKick places it at a 16% chance of success after being live for 18 hours. I checked it at 8 hours and it was listed as 1% likely to succeed, both times well past the four hour mark.

Forgetting about their claim to predict the future, what I find most impressive is their ability to cleanly manage all the Kickstarter data. Looking over this site is like that skeleton key that gets you into the downstairs basement, the upstairs bedroom and even the private cottage. You can see all of it. You have access to the same categories you’d get on Kickstarter, but you also have the ability to sort by a number of different columns (funding level, chance of success, days live, percentage of goal reached, etc.).


One of the first things I did was the equivalent of googling people with the same name as myself (I’m looking at you Mr. Virginia House of Delegates). In this case, I searched and sorted for projects that were asking for the same level of funding I anticipate I’ll be asking for in the future. There’s a lot to learn from your Kickstarter cousins this way. SideKick is a great resource because it shows you all the campaigns currently running – not just the popular ones. 

Now, if I could only find where Kickstarter has hidden that staff of automatic funding and I’ll be set.


Staring into the abyss… of blogging

Staring into the abyss... of blogging

When looking into the abyss, the abyss might also be looking into you… unless of course there was a really heavy wind and you couldn’t open your eyes all the way. Then the abyss would not really be looking into you as much as squinting at you or even winking if it was naughty enough and had already had a couple drinks before you showed up.