Treasure Hunt: A Hide & Seek Object Game

Odd DiceTreasure Hunt

A fast, easy to play game that only requires a treasure piece, your camera phone and some imagination.

  • Ages: 2 & Up
  • Play Time: 5 minutes
  • Players: 2+

I wanted to share with you a game I’ve played with my son since he was a very small child. I call it Treasure Hunt or Find the Treasure or just Treasure — basically anything with the world “treasure” in it will excite him enough to play. All you need is something that can take and display pictures, like your phone.

The Rules:

  1. Pick a small treasure. A treasure can be anything, a coin, a small car, a set of keys, a transformer, whatever. Who picks the treasure doesn’t matter, but if you have a child or a childish person, I would recommend letting them do it. They’ll be more engaged. The important thing is that you both agree on the treasure. If you’re a child or a childish person, well get over yourself. No one’s going to give you any special treatment.
  2. Go and hide the treasure somewhere. It doesn’t matter where as long as you can still follow rule #3. Generally, you want to hide it around the house or where ever you’re playing. You don’t want to hop on a plane and take a picture of it on top of Devil’s Tower and pop back. That’d be a very long game.
  3. Take a picture of the treasure using your camera. Depending on how you take the picture you can increase or decrease the difficulty. If you take a picture of the whole room with the treasure in the center of the picture, they’ll be able to find it pretty easily. However if you take it really close they’ll only have the surrounding area to determine where it’s at. Usually somewhere in the middle works out best. If they find it too easily, then feel free to make it even more difficult. Place it inside of or under something or make the picture blurry when you take it. Just make sure they don’t know where you’re at when you’re taking it… that would kind of ruin the whole thing.
  4. Show the image of the treasure to the other player. Hand the other player the “treasure map,” that’s what you call the phone, and they have find the treasure from the picture. This is the game and the best part of it because it can turn out to be surprisingly fun to hunt around the house looking for clues as to where the picture was taken. With really little kids, you can see them recognize locations in the house from the photo and go there. They really enjoy being able to track the treasure down and find it. For adults, it’s fun too because you can be trickier with the placement.

Depending on the age of the other person you’re playing with you can switch off as the Hider or Seeker of the treasure. 

Here are some pictures of a dice I picked as my treasure. You can see how difficulty can increase or decrease by where you take the picture.


Far away. Can you find the dice in the image?





Now, I should point out that odds are you’ve never been in my house so the pictures above might not really be all that helpful in you finding the dice. However, if you do end up searching for my treasure, just know this – I have a very large dog… and a two year old. Be warned.


2 thoughts on “Treasure Hunt: A Hide & Seek Object Game

  1. Super clever idea! I have used the concept before as a way to find things that I intentionally hid (like the spare key). Seems like there is something pretty powerful about pictures, they really do say a thousand words. I could see how you could do a larger treasure hunt by taking a series of photos where each photo in the sequence leads you to the next clue.

    • Yeah, that would be very cool to do. I could also see an actual app that lets you do this sort of thing. Could be fun to play, even remotely or better yet, at work when you’re bored. Send coworkers pictures of hidden treasure that they have to take a picture of and send back for points.

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