Back For A Buck Challenge

logo-e1375768120724-300x71Rodger Hicks over at Today in Board Games has started something rather interesting. It’s a Back for a Buck challenge where your challenged to spend $1 on 10 different kickstarter projects you find interesting or think are worth supporting over the course of a month. Nearly every project on Kickstarter has a $1 pledge level and if not, you should contact the creator and tell them they should add one. You generally get two things for your $1.

  1. Updates on what’s happening with the project, news and potentially interesting insights into the behind the scenes development of the project. I’ve learned some incredibly interesting things about making a movie through the Veronica Mars kickstarter updates, gotten a sneak peak at the art and design of card games through the Get Lucky, the Kill Dr. Lucky Card Game and gotten access to early downloads of the game through the RARRR!!! Monster-Building, City Stomping Board Game. All of these were well worth the $1 that I spent on backing them.
  2. A warm fuzzy feeling inside. Link: Here

He asks you to post the projects you’ve backed on his BoardGameGeek thread as well. He’s compiled some data on how many people have participated, how many projects got backed and some other interesting information. He ran this challenge for Sept and Oct, but I’m not sure if he’s doing it for November. Either way, I thought this was a great idea and felt the need to participate, if only by myself.

Here is the list of projects that I’m currently backing for the month of November:

  1. Dead Man’s Draw
  2. Glamazons vs The Curse of the Chainmail Bikini
  3. Dr. McNinja’s Legendary Showdown
  4. <Firewall> (roll, control, repeat) Hack the Planet!
  5. Get Lucky, the Kill Doctor Lucky Card Game
  6. CASTLES – A Strategic Card Game for Two Players
  7. RARRR!!! Monster-Building, City-Stomping Card Game
  8. TWO ROOMS and a BOOM

As you can see, I still have two more projects to back before I’ve reached my goal, but I’m sure I can find a couple more things to back.


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